• 14 - 15 September: Shanshan participated to the second edition of the Paris-Saclay Junior Conference on Data Science and Engineering (JDSE 2017). She had the opportunity to present her scientific work. You can find the program here, her poster here, her video here and pictures here.

  • 21 September: Veda gave a Public talk to the graduate students of the University of Cantabria on the topic “5Gwireless project and a proposal of antenna designs for 5G communications”. You can find the videos here and here and a picture here.

  • 28 September: Fourth plenary meeting of 5Gwireless. You can find the picture here.

  • 29 September: 5Gwireless ESRs participated all together to the European Researchers' Night in Paris. In the "European Corner", they had the chance to present five posters to the general public. You can find the website of this event here, the posters presented here and the pictures here.

  • 30 September: A sixth newsletter is available here

  • 16 - 24 October: The 3rd 5Gwireless training is taking place at Linköping University, in Sweden. This event is entitled: “5Gwireless Complementary Courses on Standardization, Patents, Entrepreneurship and EU funding.” It lasts 7 days and will give the opportunity to ESRs to learn on various subjects. There are courses, e.g., dedicated to “3GPP 5G standardization process” or on “Patent process – From idea to granted patent”. You can find more details, as the program or the presentations, here

  • 17 October: The 3rd 5Gwireless Open Day was organized by the Linköping University during the Popular Science Week. You can find the program here and the pictures here.  

  • 27 October: The 3rd 5Gwireless Open Day was organized by Heriot-Watt University. During this day, Yi Tan and Carlos gave Public Talks on "Next Generation of Wireless Communications". You can find the program here, the presentation here and the pictures here and here.  

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